Pest Control Ants San Antonio

About Ants

Ants are more than a nuisance when they enter your house or when you’re having a lovely day in the park, and you accidently get bitten by one or more since Ants are very social insects and quite mobile since the worker ant move looking for food. There mainly three different kinds of Ants, The queen, the workers, and males.


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In a Colony of there must be a defence and these are Solder Ants, and they protect the colony, gather food or kill for food. It’s theorized that Ants have been around for billions of years and are exquisite farmers. Ants have a scientific name called Formicidae from the classification Vespoidea, ranked Family because they live in a colony.

Ants Facts

Below are some fascinating facts about Ants:-

  • Around the world there more than 12000 different species of Ants that exist.
  • Ants do not ears and use disturbances in the air to hear.
  • Ants can lift up an object up to 20 times body weight.
  • Queen Ants can have up to a million of strings in their lifetime.
  • When Ants fight, it is usually a death match.
  • A Queen Ant possess wings till they start a new nest, then they shed them.
  • Ants do not possess lungs but take in oxygen though small in the abdomen, and it’s through these same holes that carbon dioxide leaves their body.
  • The queen is the only reproductive agent in a nest, so when she dies, the colony can survive for a few month since the worker Ants do not reproduce.
  • Some Ant species are Asexual. Through research, it was found that some Amazonian Ants reproduce by cloning, which is the process of copying themselves to produce daughters genetically.
  • In a study carried out at Harvard and Florida Universities, discovered that Ants rose around the same time as the Cretaceous period which was around 130 million years ago.

Prevent Ants From Coming To Your House

Sometimes you may come back and find Ants in your house, well there different way to prevent Ants from coming to your house:-

  • Always clear food spillage. Since Ants can are attracted by the food left behind for a long time so always clean spillage.
  • Make sure the food in your kitchen is always covered. The sweet smell can always attract these insects.
  • Make sure that the rubbish bins in the house are always sealed tight.
  • In case you’re farmers, always keep the compost sealed.

Though there are some natural remedies to control and prevent Ants from your house.

  • Using vinegar. When you spray on the path that Ants would have made, this will create a strong scent that repels them.
  • Use of soapy water. Just fill a plastic container with detergent and spray the water where the Ants are located, this works wonders.
  • Use of table salt. This the cheapest and one of the most efficient ways to get rid of Ants, just boil water and add salt then pour it in the places where the Ants are usually seen.
  • Pepper. As effective as salt, just add black pepper and cayenne in hot water and spray the where the Ants are occasionally seen.
  • Cornmeal, Citrus, and perfumes work very efficiently in repelling Ants from your house.

How To Get Rid Ants

Below are some steps to effectively get rid of Ants at your residence.

Unearth the Nest. Colonies can only survive if the Queen is still around, so at times the best way to get rid of them is by unearthing the queen and killing it. Also, do not forget to destroy the colony structure.

Use of bait. Some animals can feed on ants. So if you can find animals that eat insects, unleash them on the colonies to destroy and eliminate the queen and all the Ants. Animals that feed on Ants are coyotes, sparrows and grouse.

Some Ants are resistant to death; there is an ant that whatever you do can’t seem to die or even disappear. So if that happens to send a picture of that Ant to your nearest Exterminator and ask for help in getting rid of those Ants.