Pest Control Fleas San Antonio

Stress With Fleas?

If you’ve ever even thought that there might be fleas in your home, you know that gross, skin-crawling feeling you get. But, even with the best defences, fleas can still get in your house. It’s possibly for pets to pick up fleas anywhere, out for a walk, or the park, or interacting with other animals.

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And now that they are here – they are not easy to get rid of! That’s why they are “pests.” Even without pets, fleas can appear, so stay vigilant! Pest control fleas is not an easy task, and is usually one that should be left for professionals to be sure they won’t return.

Why Fleas Invade Your Property

Fleas don’t necessarily choose your property they are beasts of opportunity. If they just so happen to land on your pet or are carried inside by some other means, they may not have necessarily chosen to do so. Fleas can also travel on other pests, such as mice, rats, possums or larger insects. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to prevent them and you just need to be aware so you can stop it before it becomes an infestation.

Dangers Caused By Their Invasion

Normally, fleas are not dangerous to humans. They are more of a pest than a danger. If you are bitten by a flea, it won’t typically require treatment, or at worst a mild cortisone cream or antibiotic ointment. The primary danger they pose is to your pets. Fleas carry diseases which are transferred by biting and can also lead to problems like tapeworms, hair loss or skin irritations.

Why You Need A Professional To Help With Their Removal

Removing fleas from your house is not so simple as washing and cleaning your pet’s bedding and vacuuming the carpets. Proper removal of this pest requires a multifaceted treatment plan, one that addresses more than just the fleas plaguing your beloved pet. Clearing a house of fleas requires both chemical and physical procedures.

It is possible to try and remove them from your home on your own, but there is no guarantee you will get them all. And if even one or two are left over, the whole infestation can begin again, thus putting your pets at risk.

Why Hire Us?

Years of pest control experience put us at the forefront of modern methods, this means we are able to act with efficiency to clear out the fleas infesting your house.

We train all staff from the ground up to deal with all levels of pest control, we know the signs to look out for and can spot any other pests that might also need to be removed.

Professional and quality service, we take this job seriously and this leads back to everything we do, every aspect of the work we do in and around your home will be completed with the utmost care and diligence.

And if you were concerned about the harmful pesticides some companies use, worry not, we are completely committed to an environmentally responsible future.

Services Offered By Us

Our service begins with a quote or consultation. This is required to assess whether we are the right fit for you and if we are sure that our service can help relieve your problems with pests, then we are ready to start right away. Our inspection and survey of your property are done with care and diligence in order to find every little critter we need to get rid of for you.

We might then apply a special gel that has been designed to erase many pests right from the start. Then we will dust an insecticidal powder carefully along your roof void, wall cavities and subfloor. Our Surface Spray is something not always required, but often is vitally important.

This has been approved for the unique conditions in our country and is applied to the perimeter of your home or building. In doing this, we help build a “wall” of sorts to keep these pests from getting back in. This is a safe spray that will not pose any risk of harm to your family or pets.

In certain situations, we may need to apply an IGR or Insect Growth Regulator, which is designed specifically for reducing cockroach and flea infestations. This is a product that has been created to interrupt or inhibit the pests’ lifecycle.

By preventing this, in a way, we create a form of “birth control” specific to fleas and cockroaches. When trying to pest control fleas, this is usually the last step required but works incredibly effectively to curb the growth of pest populations and free you of the stress their return would cause.