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There are several species of cockroaches like German, American, Oriental, and Gisborne cockroaches. They like warm and moist conditions and can cause large infestations when given the chance. Cockroaches are generally nocturnal; they will remain in crevices and cracks during the day but will become active during the night. Green Roach Cockroach control is essential for both commercial and residential environments. At home they are likely to form a nest behind a refrigerator or in a hot water cupboard where it is warm. This is not only a nuisance but is also unhealthy as cockroaches carry disease and organisms on their feet and mouths.

Commercial properties, especially where food is served, are extremely vulnerable to cockroach infestations. Insufficient cockroach control it can be detrimental to your business, as a local council may give your facility a bad rating, not to mention the potential loss of clientele.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are found throughout the world and are becoming more prevalent particularly in places where there are large amounts of visitors. Hotels, Bachelor Accommodation, Theaters, Stadium and backpacker establishments are high risk premises.

Bed bugs are small oval shaped wingless insects. After they have fed, they transform into a reddish brown color. If it has been some time since they have fed they are translucent, almost clear in color. They hide in cracks, crevices, bedding, under wallpaper, or any small cavity during the day.

They come out at night to feed on blood. Bed bugs are attracted to their food source by body heat and carbon dioxide that emits from our breath. When they feed they inject an anesthetic along with an anticoagulant; therefore, you are unlikely to detect their presence while they are feeding. However it is these proteins that cause itchy reddened inflammations in about 50% of people. Therefore you may only be aware of their presence because of blood or faces on the sheets.

Bed bugs are not a sign of a dirty home. They will infest the cleanest home or commercial premise that serves as public accommodation. They are easily transported in luggage from one location to another. They can be difficult to get rid of because they are difficult to see. However, our trained professionals know just what to look for, and where to look. You can rid your commercial or residential property of bed bugs with a thorough treatment


Termites have lived on Earth for more than 250 million years. While termites can be helpful in breaking down rotting wood in the environment, these wood-destroying insects also can cause extensive damage to homes. Sometimes called "silent destroyers," termites may leave few signs of activity as they steadily consume wood and sheetrock paper in the walls, ceilings and floors of homes.

There is no one-size-fits-all termite control method. The techniques and materials used to control an infestation vary based on the type of termite, home construction and extent of infestation.

A house with damage from termites often looks the same as any other house on the surface. Termites can build nests hidden inside walls, causing damage for years before it becomes apparent.

Our experts understand the biology and behavior of each termite species, and know where termites are likely to nest and feed in and around your home. Our Qualified specialists also understand the latest termite control methods and have access to inspection and treatment equipment that can help protect your home.


Rodents are disease carriers & damage property. Rats and mice carry disease to humans via their droppings or urine They spread sickness and death via parasites such as fleas and intestinal worms Rodents cause extensive physical damage to doors, skirting boards, books, food containers, and upholstery. They contaminate food with their droppings, urine, or fur Rodents have also been known to cause fires by chewing through wire and cables

Signs of Rodent Activity Include:

• Droppings and a distinct ammonia-like smell • Rub marks on surfaces such as walls and doors • Burrows and holes around the buildings or your property • Scurrying sounds at night in crawl spaces or behind walls • Nests made of paper scraps or plastic gnawing marks. • Ripped food parcels, or scratching sounds

We will set up a rodent control program in a building and its surrounding environment and advise how you can help reduce future problems.


Flies are not just a nuisance but can pose a serious health risk to you and your loved ones. The house fly is probably the most annoying insect pest indoors. Flies typically live and breed in the most unsanitary environments, such as animal excrement and rotting human foods. Then they like to visit our homes, especially in the summertime, putting our hygiene at risk and threatening us with various diseases.

Flies frequently vomit and defecate on their food while feeding. Need we say more? Obviously the presence of flies in homes or places of business, especially restaurants, cafes, and buildings where food is manufactured, can be a public health hazard.

We0 have developed an innovative approach to fly control. Our expert team of highly trained technicians will inspect your home or commercial property to identify breeding areas, ingress points, and hot spots for fly infestation. Once the inspection is complete, we will tailor a fly control program specifically designed for your particular property.

We has developed proven strategies for immediate and long-term results. We can effectively administer our program in any situation, regardless of whether it is a high traffic commercial building or on a residential lifestyle block. Our professional technicians can advise you on the most proven strategies in getting rid of this disgusting pest from your premises.

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